Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top 20 Fabric Resources

Right after last week’s top 50 wallpaper sources post, I started getting demands for all sorts of “top” lists for basic home resources. So today Choice to write one for my favorite design essential: fabric! If I had to give up every thing in my home and only focus on one key design element, it would be fabric. Every thing in my being responds to fabric - I love bright colors, playful designs, and interesting textures. And man, find me a great striped fabric in addition to a friend for life. So today I thought I’d round up my top 20 fabric sources, ranging from inexpensive and vintage designs to higher-end trade studios. I’ll keep things honest and say that I am not a fan of trade-only designs. I understand why creative designers do it, but I only recommend trade-only fabric if I think it’s certainly worth the extra cost of hiring a designer or consultant to buy. So 99% of those sources will be open to the public because beautiful fabric should be available to everyone, industry or not. Have a favorite fabric studio or shop that’s missing here? Y add it below! I’m always looking for great places to buy fabric. xo, grace

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Resources are listed in no particular order.

Purl Soho: This NEW YORK CITY institution is my go-to shop for great fabrics online or in person. There is a phenomenal collection of colorful basics and imported designs from Japan.
Repro Lager: Repro is closed for the summer (due to open again soon) but when these people re-open, they’ll resume being one of the best places to buy affordable fabrics and vintage/retro-style textiles online.
Ikea: The strength of Ikea’s fabric collection improves every year. Though the easy procuring it in person depends on the customer service quality at your local store, you are able to often buy their newer styles online. Their modern florals are my personal favorite.
Marimekko: Marimekko’s bold designs are always a good choice if you need a strong dash of colour and pattern.
Hable Construction: Ok, trade-only alert. Hable only sells their own fabric design to the trade, but I’m hoping that if I keep pleading them every year, they’ll eventually change their policy. They make my favorite pattern on the planet (Beads in Green Bean) and are definitely worth the extra fee of finding a designer or D&D building to order for you. Update: the Hable group told me that they now have “Hable Design Service” and can facilitate fabric orders as well as serve as your designer!
Skinny LaMinx: I’ve loved watching South African developer Heather Moore expand her collection of textiles over the years. Her playful style features a slightly retro feel but always comes in a modern color palette.
Studio Bon: Bonnee Sharp’s sophisticated patterns are in my top three at all times. They’re the perfect mixture of fun and ladylike.
Mod Green Pod: Eco-friendly fabrics in playful patterns. Their own “Aspire” pattern in grey is one of my current loves.
Ebay: Auction web sites is an endless source for amazing vintage (and new) fabric. Whether you are looking for vintage Swedish textiles or discount patterns from contemporary designers, someone’s selling it here. (The craft section is great for inexpensive options. )
Just Scandinavian: If you lust after Josef Frank’s iconic patterns like I do, this particular shop is a must. They stock most of Mr. Frank’s patterns. (For the majority of Honest patterns, you need to call to place an order, but you can view the pattern, price, as well as availability online. )
Textile Arts: This great online boutique sells a nice choice of Marimekko, Ljungbergs, and Mod Green Pod fabric.
Imagine Fabric: A nice one-stop shop for fabrics from designers like Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler.
Hancock’s: Hancock’s may not be super cutting-edge, but they are a great source for basics like toile, plaid, and stripes.
Joann Fabrics: Ditto for Joann Fabrics. Not the actual “coolest” right off the bat, but they have a great collection of classic designs for reasonable prices.
Frelis: I love their basic linens. I’ve been dying to find a place to use their own “Wasabi” linen.
Contemporary Cloth: This website could use a little face lift, but they stock a good range of designer, organic, and simple cotton fabrics.
Modern Fabrics: If you like classic styles from companies like KnollTextiles and Maharam, this shop has you covered along with sophisticated designs.
Rubie Green: Super chic fabrics (I have the zig zag fabric on my office chair) from Lonny Magazine‘s Michelle Adams.
Sew Mama Sew: A nice selection of small and large-scale prints.
Etsy: Etsy is a great spot to discover up and coming designers. Some of my favorites are Kalla, Melbomba, and Frumafar.
Spoonflower: Custom printed fabrics at reasonable prices from new and up-and-coming designers. You may also print you own designs!

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