Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Choose The Best Window Treatments

Best Window Treatments for Tricky Windows

Problem: Skinny Windows on the Long Wall
Solution: Plump up windows by installing an extra-long drape rod that extends well beyond the window frame, then pushing your sections to the edges of the window frame. For an illusion of height, mount the fishing rod close to the ceiling.
Problem: Arched Transom Above a Window
Solution: Keep the semicircle window bare to emphasize its shape and to maximize natural light. Hang a fishing rod and drapery panels where the arched top and the window meet, which will make tall-ceiling rooms feel more cozy and less cavernous.
Problem: Plain Sliding Doors
Remedy: Mount blinds or shade on the wall above the doorframe, which can be drawn with regard to privacy and light control. Unify the doors and disguise the top of the shade or even blind headers by hanging a valance from a pole above the door.
Issue: Frequently Used Sliding Doors
Solution: Install stacking panels. The flat fabric sections mount above the doors on a sliding track to follow the natural flow from the sliding door. The visual parallel is striking, while the stack-aside function maintains the decorative treatment practical.

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Best Window Treatments by Style

Traditional: Measure carefully and have your panels hit exactly at the floor. Weight load stitched into the drapery hems help it hang with more heft and will keep the blind in place.
Casual: Let curtains lightly skim the bottom of your window frame.
Romantic: Select extra-long curtains or draperies that puddle on the floor like a ball gown.
Useful: Where privacy and safety are paramount, such as in the bathroom or kitchen area, have curtains graze the windowsill, avoiding unnecessary length that could cause fireplace or a fall.
Minimalist: Opt for crisp wooden shutters. Or adhere frosted ornamental window film in a modern, graphic pattern.
Comfortable: Add an extra layer of cloth backing to any curtain or shade for more light control, insulation, privacy, as well as body.

Tricks with regard to Window Treatments

  • Adapt retail window coverings to create a perfect fit for your windows using these tricks: Add inches by using clip hooks rather than rod pockets to hang drapes and gain a few inches of desired length. The clips will give much more length to the treatment, which means you can hang the rod higher (a intelligent way to make a room feel taller) and your curtains or panels will contact the floor.
  • Make window panels more voluminous by sewing two panels with each other side by side to create extra fullness.
  • Customize the length of curtains by purchasing extra panels within a contrasting color or pattern. Cut the extra panel and stitch to the surfaces or bottoms of panels for extra length.
  • Cut an extra panel lengthwise as well as attach the two parts to the inner edges of your panels for added thickness. A contrasting color adds a crisp outline.
  • Personalize plain panels or even curtains with extra embellishments, such as ribbon and trim. Or stencil the pattern onto the treatment with fabric paint.
  • Make a designer-look roller shade having a fusible fabric shade kit (available at sewing centers) and a yard or maybe more of your favorite fabric.

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